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Steve Heisler

Journalist best known for his contributions to The AV Club, Variety, and GQ.
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KATG 1804: Judge Dread

with Julie Seabaugh and Steve Heisler July 2, 2013

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Show Notes

  • — The Thin-Skinned Babies Times: Julie Seabaugh and Steve Heisler, who are comedy journalists and critics, are in studio
  • — Same Thing: The gang gives their opinions of rape jokes and Jimmy Fallon's comedy album
  • — Thumbs Sideways: Chemda doesn't really care what comedy critics think; Keith doesn't trust a review until he gets to know the reviewer
  • — Friendly Ribbing: Julie got hate mail from Dane Cook, which she has in common with Keith and The Girl
  • — Blacked Out: Julie isn't exactly an alcoholic, but she did quit drinking after she started 'destroying' things. In 2004 she drunkenly tried to run out on a huge bill at the Comedy Cellar.
  • — Quantity Over Quality: The gang ponders if podcasting is about to become over-saturated and why certain podcasts constantly get written about and some (like KATG) don't
  • — C'mon, Tell Me Who: Steve talks about his philosophy behind giving negative reviews like the one he gave to Rob Delaney's album, and Julie talks about the comedian she's trashed the most
  • — Like Not Funny Father, Like Not Funny Son: Steve explains his strange feud with Rob Belushi
  • — I Don't Think About You Sexually: Steve has never made a move on Julie because they're friends, which Keith reminds Steve is supposed to be a good thing; Julie won't date Steve because she likes older guys
  • — Cracker News Network: CNN asks, 'Which word is worse: n****r or c*****r?'

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