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Comedian and creator of the PIEFOLK website.
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Hang 74: Gays Upon My Works

Myq hangs out with Ben Lerman and Michael Martin on the KATG Network July 4, 2013

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Show Notes

  • — Thank You For Having This Podcast: Myq welcomes his guests Ben Lerman and Michael Martin to the show
  • — Two Jews In The Room: Myq and Ben discuss copyright arrangements and school Michael in the art of the legal system
  • — Different Genres: The gang talks about the difficulties in deducing the different nationalities of Asian people and the joy white people feel when Asian people can't tell themselves apart either
  • — Yeah, Which Time?: Ben and Michael are both gay men, and Myq asks if they've ever felt discriminated against because of their sexuality
  • — Copyright Dan Savage: The gang talks about 'monogamish' and open relationships and Michael the heartbreaker talks about the time he dated two different guys at once
  • — What's Your Number?: Myq has slept with less than 30 women, Michael had slept with 7 women and Ben and Michael can't even count how many men they've slept with
  • — Tick Tock Lesbians: Michael talks about his desire to have children
  • — In Conclusion: Ben feels inadequate after listening to Michael talk about his sexuality; Michael believes that does a disservice to Ben's sexuality; this makes Ben feel more inadequate about his answer
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