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KATG VIP guest who's best friends with her cheating ex-husband.
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KATG 2197: Transrachel

with Danny Hatch, Lauren Hennessy, Emmy, and Katiuska Herrand – How to not get caught cheating; Bill Cosby update; Donald Trump bought supporters; Happy Valley documentary on Jerry Sandusky; the problem with Rachel Dolezal and being transracial; Rosie O’Donnell June 21, 2015

Show Notes

  • — Mo Monia, Less Problems: Kickstarter supporter Monia, along with her old favorite KATG guests Danny Hatch and Lauren Hennessy (and new favorite guests Emmy and Katiuska Herrand), is back in studio
  • — Water Water Everywhere: Keith asks Monia to revisit the story of her ex-husband Danny and the splashy method he used to try to conceal his infidelity
  • — Far From Finished: Bill Cosby’s new special is now on DVD, and Keith wonders if there are still some victims who have yet to come forward
  • — We're Fired: If he was legitimately on the Presidential ballot, 17% of KATG’s audience would vote for Donald Trump, who paid people $50 to cheer at his announcement speech
  • — Sad Valley: Keith reviews Happy Valley, the documentary about Jerry Sandusky’s boy raping and how the town dealt with the horrific news
  • — White Privilege: Lauren, Chemda’s roommate Katiuska, and Emmy break down the Rachel Dolezal scandal, race in 2015 America, whether or not they would date a white guy, and their own n-word privilege
  • — We Love Her So Much Emmy Got Jealous: Katiuska, Chemda, and Lauren talk about their life together as roommates
  • — She Loves Me So Much Judy Got Jealous: Lauren is the co-host of Judy Gold’s podcast Kill Me Now, and he discusses the episode they recently recorded with Rosie O’Donnell

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