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Noah Gardenswartz

Comedian and former teacher known for his appearances on TBS and Comcast.
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KATG 2297: The Fart Awakens

with Noah Gardenswartz – The NRA threatens anti-gun legislators; sex and farts; NYC’s Dr. Zizmor retires; Keith’s new mouth guard; Keith’s relationship with his wife; Chemda’s eviction; The Force Awakens review and holiday movie rundown January 5, 2016

Show Notes

  • — Use Promo Code Noah: Noah Gardenswartz, taping his debut stand-up comedy album next week, is in studio
  • — God And Guns: Chemda’s exposure to Fox News is at a record high after being around her father-in-law, who lets it play in the background 24/7. The NRA tweeted a picture of 2 female anti-gun legislators next to a pile of bullets.
  • — Total Eclipse Of The Fart: Chemda and Lauren have been known to risk pinkeye during sex
  • — Thank You, Dr. Z!: Plastic surgeon Dr. Zizmor, known for the infamous subway ads for his practice and almost having an entire house dedicated to world peace, is retiring
  • — Life Hack: Keith teaches how to see if your dentist is legit (make up a problem) and how to lower the bill (swallow a cap)
  • — Life Insurance: Keith’s home environment and the sacrifices he makes for his wife are discussed
  • — A Matter Of Safety: Chemda discusses the circumstances of her apartment move
  • — Motherfuckin’ Star Wars: The gang reviews The Force Awakens, The Big Short, 99 Homes, Joy, Sisters, and Point Break, which is the worst movie Keith’s ever seen.

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