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Christy Coffey

Comedian and former television producer who has appeared on Funny or Die and Splitsider.
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KATG 2108: This Shit Is Bananas

With Christy Coffey and Mike Guild – Stand-up on mushrooms; how to rob people; the Sony email hacks; killing, skinning, and eating your ex’s pet rabbit; new Bill Cosby victim comes forward as Bill’s wife defends him; Keith’s dying aunt; Keith vs. the medical community December 17, 2014

Show Notes

  • — Let’s Party: Christy Coffey and Mike Guild, one of whom cut his balls while shaving today, are in studio
  • — Full House: 7 people, including a baby who is not as quiet as advertised, live in the house in which Mike and his wife reside
  • — 5 Minutes Of Crowd Work, 5 Minutes Of Scared Silence: After only having done them once before, Christy performed on a show where every comic had to be high on mushrooms
  • — Drive-By Fruiting: Mike got deep into cocaine when he lived in Florida and robbed people to pay off a $2,500 debt he owed to an Asian gang
  • — Hack Attack: The gang discusses the latest round of Sony email hacks, which cover, among other things, how bad the movie The Interview will be, racist jokes between executives about Barack Obama, George Clooney's goings-on, the Steve Jobs biopic and Leonardo DiCaprio's 'despicable' behavior, and Steven Spielberg's aggressive campaigning for Hillary Clinton
  • — Pet Peeved: An actor was arrested after sending his ex-girlfriend a video of him killing, skinning, and eating her pet rabbit
  • — This Little Piggy Went To The Playboy Mansion: A woman woke up after drinking a spiked cocktail at the Playboy Mansion in 2008 to find Bill Cosby sucking on her toes. Meanwhile, Camille Cosby released a statement supporting her husband's innocence.
  • — Now We Go For Retweets: Despite all the Facebook Likes, Keith's Aunt Mary is doing worse
  • — I Do Want A Wheelchair: Keith debates knee replacements

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