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Dan Allen

Comedian that convinced a girl he was Jewish and then moved with her to live in England and teach physics. All in the same month.
Dan Allen has been on 9 shows

KATG 1183: Model Citizen

Keith with shoes on is like Pamela Anderson not showing her chest. May 19, 2010

Show Notes

  • — The Best Of Sacapuntas: Dan and Ray bring the best of their fighting on stage
  • — The Odd Couple: Dan yells at Ray for breathing the wrong way
  • — Would Keith Like You?: 25% of people say no
  • — Animal Cruelty: A man finds chicken brains in his KFC
  • — The Place Is Called Sexy Chicks: Hooters demands a 132 pound, 5' 8 employee lose weight
  • — Waiter Models: Keith models for a ghetto store as a door opener and as a foot model for a gay dude
  • — We're Good: Keith shares his finishing-at-strip-clubs techniques
  • — Don't Be A Hero: Manute Bol is hospitalized with a kidney infection after fighting corruption in Sudan
  • — Grow It Or Show It: Dan's big hair loss secret is out

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