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Ray DeVito

Comedian known for his work on MTV's Guy Code and his album, 1647 Waterbury.
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KATG 2536: No Lessons Learned

with Ray DeVito – Ray’s murderous roommate; Westworld (1973), Nocturnal Animals, and Incarnate reviewed; Ray’s romance with his fellow tenant; Ray’s fight with his bartender; Jägermeister v. Milwaukee Bucks; Judge Reinhold’s new medication; Keith’s medication woes December 16, 2016

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Show Notes

  • — Gay For Pay: Ray DeVito, star of the Bollywood hit English Vinglish, is in studio
  • — Ray’s List: Ray tells us the story of his former roommate, who is currently in jail for murdering his mother (not to be confused with Ray’s other former roommate, currently in jail for selling drugs)
  • — Worstworld: Keith reviews the 1973 version of Westworld and the new movies Nocturnal Animals and Incarnate
  • — I Dated Your Roommate: Ray describes his off-again, off-again romance with a woman who lives in his building
  • — It’s A Late Night Bar Thing: Ray almost got into a fistfight with the bartender of his favorite bar
  • — Big Bucks: Jägermeister is suing the Milwaukee Bucks for also having a logo that is also the head of a deer
  • — Jury And Executioner: After supposedly taking new meds, actor Judge Reinhold was arrested for disorderly conduct at an airport. Keith himself is having a time with his meds.


Ray DeVitoRay DeVito

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