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Ray DeVito

Comedian known for his work on MTV's Guy Code and The Jim Gaffigan Show.
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KATG 2716: mother!

with Ray DeVito and Andrea Allan – Keith’s drinking buddies and his final night drinking; drinking and seizures; cursing caught on network TV; Dallas Cowboys mass shooting; Tinder date gets stuck in window retrieving feces; Ray’s dating life; getting caught masturbating; renting a sex doll; American Assassin and mother! reviewed; Kevin Hart admits infidelity to his pregnant wife; Rebel Wilson wins $3.6 million defamation lawsuit against Woman’s Day September 18, 2017

Show Notes

  • — RIP Keith’s Fun Personality: Ray Devito, who used to be Keith’s drinking buddy, is in studio
  • — Keith’s Ambulance: Ray recounts his side of the experience when Keith fell down drunk and Ray had to carry him out of a bar
  • — AA’s Not My Vibe: Ray wrestles with the idea of quitting drinking, and he talks about his experience going to AA
  • — Seizures Are A Great Bit: Ray discusses his seizures
  • — Keepin’ It Classy: The gang talks about how great it is when people are caught cursing on network television
  • — Take A Shot: A gunman shoots up a Dallas Cowboys watch party
  • — Get Your Shit Together: A woman got stuck trying to retrieve poop that she tried to throw out of a Tinder date’s window. Yadda yadda yadda she got stuck in the window.
  • — Smart Moves, Ray: Ray gives us an update on his sex and dating life
  • — Today’s Your Day: Ray recounts when a new roommate masturbated completely naked in their living room
  • — Ejaculate Is The Best Case Scenario: A Chinese company launched a share-a-sex-doll app which allows people to rent a fuck-doll for $45 a day
  • — That’s The Beauty Of Fuck Me: Keith reviews the movies American Assassin and mother! Keith believes mother! should win the 2017 Razzie award for Worst Picture.
  • — I’m Not Perfect: Kevin Hart announced publically that he recently had an affair with an Instagram model who tried to blackmail him for $10,000,000 while his wife was pregnant with his third child
  • — She’s No Jennifer Aniston: Actress Rebel Wilson has been awarded $3,600,000 by an Australian court after it found Woman’s Day guilty of defamation

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