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KATG 2234: America's Got Affairs

with Myq Kaplan and Kasey Holt – Myq’s name change; Myq’s girlfriend moves in; how America’s Got Talent edits; Ray DeVito’s missing roommate update; Myq’s America’s Got Talent sets dissected; group checks; peoples’ perception of polyamory; everyone is on Ashley Madison; ayahuasca August 26, 2015

Show Notes

  • — Myq’s Got Talent: Myq Kaplan, of Last Comic Standing and America’s Got Talent, and his girlfriend Kasey Holt are in studio
  • — Pronundrum: Myq was considering changing the spelling of his name back to Mike, but he has since reconsidered
  • — You’re Both Still In Love: Myq and his girlfriend Kasey discuss the particulars of their open relationship now that Kasey has moved from Los Angeles to Brooklyn to move in with Myq
  • — Willfully Ignorant: Chemda and Kasey have the same amount of knowledge about pop culture, but at least Kasey doesn’t make you feel bad for caring about things
  • — It’s Still Anyone’s Game: Myq and Kasey talk about the way they and their relationship were portrayed on America’s Got Talent, of which Myq was unfortunately voted off
  • — Time Is Meaningful?: The gang has a discussion about Myq’s worldview and how people tend to perceive it
  • — Classic Ray: Ray DeVito calls in to conclude the saga of his missing roommate and clarify the story he told about not raping anyone and still getting yelled at
  • — No Kidding: The gang provides commentary for Myq’s America's Got Talent sets
  • — So-Called Friends: Group checks give 57% of KATG’s audience anxiety
  • — We’ll See: Myq’s family doesn’t know about Myq and Kasey’s relationship, and friends don’t understand it
  • — 37,000,000 Affairs And Counting: Myq is empathetic to the plight of the Ashley Madison users who were outed. There are only 3 zip codes in the entire country without a registered Ashley Madison user.
  • — Myq's Got Drugs: Myq talks about his most recent ayahuasca trip, which helped him process his time on America’s Got Talent

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