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Chrissie Mayr

Comedian and foot model, best known as the monthly host of Comedy at Stonewall and the live online talk show Three Drink Minimum.
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KATG 2370: Green Christmas

with Mehran Khaghani and Chrissie Mayr – 4/20; the love of breasts; Hillary Clinton’s political shadiness; Keith’s looks; coffee enemas and projectile diarrhea from anal sex; an 8-year-old comedian; Subway’s Jared Fogle’s text messages; Boaty McBoatface wins the Name a Research Ship poll; Dora the Explorer smokes vape pens; baby’s first masturbation; maiden pot voyages April 21, 2016

Show Notes

  • — Going Green: Mehran Khaghani and Chrissie Mayr, here to help Chemda celebrate her holiday, are in studio
  • — Dairy Queen: Mehran, a gay man, waxes poetic on his love of breasts
  • — I Would Like A Do-Over: Chrissie had a confusing experience voting in the New York Democratic primary. 126,000 registered Democrats in Brooklyn (the only borough not to vote for Hillary Clinton in the 2008 primary) were mysteriously removed from the registry before this year’s election.
  • — Country Cock: Keith is very handsome
  • — Pizza Party: Chemda, Chrissie, and Mehran discuss their 4/20 plans. Mehran can’t relax on marijuana, but it makes food and video games better.
  • — Mudslide: Mehran compares and contrasts coffee enemas and projectile diarrhea caused by anal sex
  • — Toddlers And Two Drink Minimums: Chrissie was booked on a stand-up show with an 8-year-old fellow comic who had bad stage etiquette
  • — The Subway Redemption: Just like his waistline, Jared Fogle’s chances for appealing his 16-year prison sentence are pretty slim now that his texts about having sex with children have been released
  • — S.O.S.: Boaty McBoatface is the clear winner of a poll to name a new research ship, but the British government is debating the choice
  • — The Dora On Her Shoulder: Dora the Explorer’s voice actress got her friend expelled from 9th grade after pressuring her to take a hit from a vape pen
  • — A Bunch Of Jerk Offs: The gang discusses how they masturbate and when they started
  • — Super T-Rex: Chemda, Chrissie, and Mehran discuss their maiden pot voyages. Inspired by Chemda’s first time, Chrissie gets really high and turns her shirt into a cape.

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