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Drew Wininger

Comedian and actor known for appearing on The Sopranos.
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KATG 1308: Good Detective Work

The end of the world is coming, young lady. You're going to Hell. December 14, 2010

Show Notes

  • — It's Politics: Drew Wininger is in the top 10 of all the waiters at Dave & Buster's
  • — You Need New Jokes: Ray DeVito gets his laptop stolen from a gym locker after someone cracked the lock
  • — The Future of Crime: Thieves are taking advantage of new technology in smart phones to find your car, unlock it, then drive to your house and rob it
  • — Sorry I Didn't Make It: Dan Allen can't come to Chemda's non-existent Christmas Party
  • — It Gets Better: Drew will never be normal, happy, or well-adjusted
  • — Excluded: Drew upsets a co-worker by getting too close to his drama queen girlfriend
  • — Spin The Wheel: Keith loves the trivia game at Dave & Busters
  • — Magic Johnson Disease: Elvis has somehow gotten healthier and stronger despite all of his health issues
  • — Megan Fox Disease: Is Jesse Eisenberg a douche, or just really good at being a douche for months at a time? Is there a difference?
  • — 3 Hours: Bon Jovi is the biggest touring act of 2010
  • — Bieber Fever: Justin Bieber's music video for the song Baby had over 400,000,000 downloads on YouTube in 2010
  • — The Backs of Cameras: Tapings for live television are always lame and hardly worth going to
  • — You Are Shit!: Gordon Ramsay has bodyguards near him at all times during tapings of Hell’s Kitchen for when he just can't help being a total asshole
  • — Ding!: Chefs are typically angry people and Keith couldn't care less for them
  • — Okay, What's Happening?: A British woman reports the theft of a snowman to the police
  • — Deer Media: An Oklahoma law maker with no permit gets in trouble when he boasts about his hunting prowess
  • — Database: I hate your sex change stranger, so I will write you a letter about it.
  • — One Move For a 36 Inch Groove: Richard Heene has only sold 100 Bear Scratches and now his son is starting a boy band
  • — Dexter: You're getting a divorce but you still have to work together? That is unfortunate for you.
  • — Secret Stash: 80% of married people buy things they don't tell their spouse about
  • — Manic: A man calls 911 after his tongue gets bitten off by his crazy Christmas caroling wife

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