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KATG 2361: Alligator Tears

with Andrew Collin and Ari Teman – Anxiety, choking to death, whiskey dick, and your parents’ divorce; Tel Aviv vs. NYC; woman locked in library bathroom for 36 hours; Andrew’s drinkin’ days; Troy Smith arrested for DUI; a Navy Seal stabbed Andrew; Andrew fights with Sum 41 on ecstasy; Ari defends his anti-Airbnb project Sublet Spy; Ari tells Obama a joke April 8, 2016

Show Notes

  • — Foreshadowing: Andrew Collin and Ari Teman, one of whom we just talked about a couple of days ago, are in studio
  • — Welcome To Andrew: Already anxious about turning 36, Andrew discusses other things that give him anxiety, such as choking to death, whiskey dick, and his parents’ divorce
  • — Keepin' Israel: Ari splits his time between Tel Aviv and New York City
  • — Overdue: A woman in Texas was accidentally locked inside a library bathroom for 36 hours
  • — You Got Left: Andrew shares stories from his drinkin’ days
  • — I’m Officer And A Gentleman: Ex-NFL quarterback Troy Smith was arrested for drunk driving despite his best efforts, but he pleaded not guilty. Also pleading not guilty is an NYC man who was busted with 1,428 bags of heroin in his body.
  • — Snitches Get Stitches: A Navy Seal accidentally stabbed Andrew when he was 17 in New Orleans
  • — Fat Lip: Andrew got in a fight with Sum 41, one of his favorite bands, at a bar while he was on ecstasy
  • — Airbnbetrayal: Ari, who lost his apartment, found himself blacklisted when his Airbnb tenant used his home to host an orgy, and then created a service to crack down on subleasing, defends himself after KATG called him an asshole
  • — Can I Crash Here?: Ari was invited to the White House and got a laugh and a hug out of Barack Obama with his classic Nazi Obama joke

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