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KATG 2367: How Quaint

with Andrea Allan, Emily Lubin, Sparrow, Hennessy, and Danny Hatch – KATG VIP Night; Emily’s wild night; Sparrow’s ex-husband and ex-friend; vagina measuring; Keith’s high school pals are anti-transgender; rude after-party attendees; Chemda’s landlord knows her secret; Keith’s parents’ birthday greeting April 17, 2016

Show Notes

  • — Everyone’s Hungover: Andrea Allan, Emily Lubin, Sparrow, Hennessy, and Danny Hatch are in studio
  • — I Did Coke With Your Brother Last Night: Andrea and Emily discuss the KATG VIP live show, where they made their guest Tiana Miller examine Andrea’s period blood-stained panties, and Emily's wild night after the show
  • — Real Country Shit: KATG superfan Sparrow (who came all the way from Georgia) joins the show to discuss her marriage and divorce from her soldier ex-husband, his second divorce from Sparrow’s former good friend, and her current relationship
  • — Nauseating: The gang discusses expiration dates and vagina measuring
  • — Improv Master: Lauren’s cohost and guest both dropped out on him the day of his live Bottoms Up with Hennessy taping, but Lauren, his old journals, and his pals still put on a great show
  • — Oh, Marcus: Keith’s old high school friends are decidedly anti-trans rights, just like Texas Representative Louie Gohmert
  • — No Stinkin’ ID: Chemda talks about the high teenagers she encountered at the after party for Keith’s stand-up and Danny talks about what happened when Chemda sicced one on Danny
  • — Podcast University: Chemda’s landlord knows that she hosts Keith and The Girl
  • — What A Jew: Keith plays his parents’ annual happy birthday greeting and discusses what happened when his wife emailed them about voting for Bernie Sanders

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