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Mark Malley

Keith's younger brother.
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KATG 927: Just Not That Into You

Why do you cut yourself? March 27, 2009

Show Notes

  • — Asking The Nerds for Help: Keith beats F.A.R.E.
  • — Fear, Beer and Deer: Keith corrects his speech impediment
  • — Mark is the Perfect Person: He can't eat meat, but he can suck a dick
  • — Retaliation: Sorry, no water for you
  • — Found Tied and Stabbed: Reporter sleeps with 16-year-old satanist
  • — Rihanna Gets A Gun Tattoo
  • — Bonnie Petrie Returns: The cease and desist has been lifted and the FBI have been called off
  • — Have a Goodnight!: You have dyslexia from God for a reason
  • — Many Ways: Chemda is suicidal
  • — Sticker Vigilantes: Keith's justice has now been enacted
  • — Gentle and Pleasant: Lilly has a bad relationship with sex
  • — Ask Dina: Be a pig, Intern Mike!
  • — Top Chef: I'm watching you eat my soul
  • — Lilly's Childhood: Your dad did coke and wrote a book about it
  • — BJason Calls In: BJason crosses the line and gets divorced
  • — The Malley Home: The doors are not locked from the outside
  • — Straight Up Ass: Brenkin PUAs Lilly
  • — Shit Talking: Intern Mike is too sensitive
  • — Facebook Friends: Oh Hilde, you dumb son of a bitch
  • — Destroying Draconis: The haters cause self-inflicted wounds
  • — Intern vs. Lilly: Lilly is a cock-tease, and Intern storms out
  • — I Like Cats: I'm not allowed to be silent or else he'll yell at me

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