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KATG 2383: The Artist's Way

with Jeremy Wein and Mike Vecchione – How to win wrestling; family arguments; NYC PodFest; Radiohead fans eating pictures of Thom Yorke’s face; Caitlyn Jenner nude on Sports Illustrated’s cover; Woody Allen’s latest interview re: Soon-Yi; the Joe Paterno/Jerry Sandusky scandal has more victims/witnesses; money in politics; serving drinks to pregnant women; NYC disperses harmless gasses in the subway system May 10, 2016

Show Notes

  • — The Name Game: Jeremy Wein and Mike Vecchione, whose names you can pronounce however you want, are in studio
  • — The Weigh-Ins Brother: Mike discusses his wrestling glory days
  • — Parents Just Don’t Understand: Mike’s family pushed him to become a lawyer while also suppressing any desire he might have to become good at arguing. Jeremy’s dad is dead and he’s not on speaking terms with his suicidal mother, who just won $1,200,000 in the lottery.
  • — The Big Apple: Jeremy is the founder of NYC PodFest, whose 4th year is just about to kick off
  • — KATG Called It: A group of Radiohead fans who didn’t believe the band’s new album would be announced or released in May are paying for their lack of faith by eating pictures of Thom Yorke’s face
  • — Golden Goddess: Caitlyn Jenner will pose nude on the cover of Sports Illustrated with nothing but an American flag and her Olympic gold medal
  • — Woody And His Daughters: In a new interview, Woody Allen talked about how immune he is to criticism that he married his ex-wife’s adopted daughter, whose life he says he changed for the better. The gang discusses separating art from artists.
  • — Right Under My Nose: Mike, who has a criminal justice degree from Penn State, discusses the university’s reaction to the Joe Paterno and Jerry Sandusky scandal
  • — Fund The Vote: Mike calls for major campaign finance reform
  • — Only In New York: New Human Rights Commissions guidelines have banned bouncers and bartenders in NYC from discriminating against pregnant women by refusing them service. Harmless gas will be released into the subway system to study how the toxins would spread in case of an actual attack.

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