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Comedian and co-host of The Alan Cox Show on WMMS
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KATG 2387: Death Wish

with Bill Squire and Lawrence DeLoach – KATG’s latest death threat; subway ethnicity etiquette; roast battles; Money Monster and Captain America: Civil War reviews; barber pulls gun on black man because he doesn’t cut black hair; Lawrence gets robbed at gunpoint; LA County sheriff's official resigns over his racist and sexist chain emails; Lawrence makes boxes; a Tiffany & Co. employee explains how the Jews killed Jesus; Martin Shkreli donates $10,000 to autistic group May 15, 2016

Show Notes

  • — Rock Me Tonite: Bill Squire, not the rock star, and Lawrence DeLoach, who also has a cool name, are in studio
  • — I Hope Someone Shoots Your Face Off: Keith and Chemda share a new ‘death wish’ they got on a 2-year-old Facebook post
  • — Culture Shock: Bill, visiting from Cleveland, discusses his adventures in NYC, from tow trucks to subway ethnicity etiquette
  • — Good Morning World: Lawrence constantly reminds his Twitter followers that God blessed him because he tells jokes
  • — Klonopin Rae: Lawrence lost a roast battle to Rae Sanni
  • — Mmkay: Keith reviews Money Monster and reiterates his problem with Captain America: Civil War
  • — Sponsored By Harry's: A barber in South Carolina was arrested after pulling a gun on a black potential customer because he didn't cut black hair
  • — What Were You Wearing?: Lawrence talks about the time he got mugged for his phone, wallet, and new coat
  • — Fwd: Fwd: Fwd: Fwd: Re: Fwd: Muslims LOL: A top LA County sheriff's official resigned after racist and sexist chain emails he forwarded came to light
  • — Jew-elry: Lawrence works at a jewelry store making boxes because they won't let him touch the jewelry. A Catholic ex-Tiffany & Co. employee who was fired after explaining how 'Jews killed Jesus' is crying discrimination. Lawrence is going to a bar mitzvah with Christi Chiello.
  • — I Don't Like It: Martin Shkreli donated $10,000 to the family of the autistic man who was mocked by 50 Cent

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