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KATG 2416: Macroaggression

with Peggy O’Leary and Dan Abraham – Psoriasis and child diets; parents and comedy; bartending at a comedy club; apologizing to therapists and gynecologists; the Game of Thrones finale; cops sue over police body cameras; Johnny Manziel’s latest; Chet Haze on Science; Anthony Cumia pleads guilty to 3rd-degree assault and criminal obstruction of breathing; NYC’s Pride Parade; Jesse Williams’ BET speech June 28, 2016

Show Notes

  • — Sultry: Peggy O’Leary and Dan Abraham are in studio with their very sultry voices
  • — Remember That?: Peggy revisits some of the topics she brought up during the 2016 47-Hour Marathon, such as her psoriasis and the diet her mom put her on at 8 years old. Chemda’s parents gave her $100 to lose weight when she was a child.
  • — Making It: Dan’s parents are very encouraging of his comedy career, but don’t entirely realize the scope of the industry
  • — Moving On: Peggy is The Creek and the Cave's bar manager, but she just put in her notice
  • — Open Up: Peggy’s been having some good days lately, so her latest therapist session was pretty boring. Chemda apologized to her gynecologist today.
  • — Not Enough Sex: Keith, Peggy, and Dan give their Game of Thrones thoughts. A new app texts Game of Thrones spoilers to users’ friends
  • — Cop Watch: Illinois police officers are suing because their body cameras (which they didn’t realize they could turn off) captured intimate moments, such as changing and using the bathroom
  • — Checking In On Johnny Football: Johnny Manziel’s attorney accidentally texted a number of details about Johnny’s court woes to a reporter, which he meant to send to another lawyer. Johnny’s dad called his son a druggie and says he hopes he goes to jail.
  • — Slang It Proper: Chet Haze, Tom Hanks’s cool son, has a very smart take on Science
  • — Oh Well: Anthony Cumia pleaded guilty to 3rd-degree assault and criminal obstruction of breathing, neither of which carry a criminal record, after being arrested and charged with strangulation, unlawful imprisonment, assault, and criminal mischief when he attacked his girlfriend live on Periscope
  • — Microcallem: The gang gives advice to a listener having a tough time with her boyfriend’s family
  • — Cop Cars Matter: The NYPD debuted its new rainbow LGBT-pride police cruiser at the NYC Pride Parade. Chemda reports back from the scene of the parade.
  • — Very Woke: Grey’s Anatomy star Jesse Williams gave an inspiring speech while accepting his Humanitarian Award at the 2016 BET Awards

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