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Comedian best known as a member of the comedy duo Soren & Jolles
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KATG 2671: Heroes Never Die

with Lucie Pohl and Tracy Soren – Overwatch; Hi, Hitler; catcalling and dog walking; Chemda’s bike has no breaks; the Roast of Rich Vos; a broke Charlie Sheen; T.J. Miller angrily leaves Silicon Valley; Martin Shkreli’s jury selection; fake cop pulls over real cop; construction workers take off wrong roof; man visits Disneyland 2,000 days in a row July 13, 2017

Show Notes

  • — My Boyfriend Is Going To Freak Out: Tracy Soren, whose boyfriend adores the game Overwatch, and Lucie Pohl, who does the voice of Overwatch's Mercy, are both in studio
  • — Hitler This, Hitler That: Lucie explains her German and Jewish family background and her new show entitled Hi, Hitler
  • — I Shit On You: Tracy gets catcalled early in the morning while walking her dog
  • — Please Stop My Bike: Chemda’s chain on her bike is broken, and she’s been riding it without being able to break
  • — Let’s Talk About It: Keith and Chemda discuss Bonnie McFarlane’s Roast of Rich Vos, and they discuss the awkwardness between Rich from stage and Anthony Cumia sitting next to Keith
  • — Charlie Sheen Is #Brave: A ‘broke’ Charlie Sheen is selling Babe Ruth's 1927 World Series ring
  • — Complaining Up: T.J. Miller announced that he is leaving the show Silicon Valley. He publicly shat on the executive producer on his way out.
  • — He Kind Of Looks Like A Dick: The courts have not been able to find an impartial jury for the Martin Shkreli trial
  • — She Knows Badges, They Study Them: A male fake cop pulled over a woman in her car. She happened to be a real cop.
  • — They Ran: Construction workers mistakenly took the room off of the wrong home
  • — I Don’t Get It, I’m A Nice Guy: Man visits Disneyland 2,000 days (5.5 years) in a row

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