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KATG 2443: But I'm a Cheerleader

with Jessica Watkins and Alex Engelbert – Cheerleading, competitive and otherwise; Alex’s dating life; short-term sobriety; Libby’s laugh defended; Newsy makes up with Keith; $5,000 Pokémon Go roaming fees; Alex’s relationship with her parents and lack of feelings; Alex’s drug-induced epileptic seizure; how to pass college; Donald Trump ejects crying baby August 5, 2016

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Show Notes

  • — Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: Jessica Watkins, who loves walking, is in studio. Alex Engelbert runs late, joins the show, and catches her breath
  • — Where Everybody Knows Your Name: Jessica was a cheerleading captain in high school and Alex was a professional competitive cheerleader throughout college
  • — Are We Gonna Fuck Or Not?: Alex discusses the current state of her dating life
  • — You Speak Faster Than Gilmore Girls: Alex is 2 weeks sober. Her drugs of choice, since she was 15, were cocaine, Adderall, booze and MDMA.
  • — Love Libby From Cleveland: A fan writes in to defend Libby’s laugh
  • — Newsy calls in to discuss his thoughts on Keith’s Alton Sterling take, the latest on his graffiti court case, his fundraiser, and his new therapy sessions
  • — Laissez-fare: A Japanese Olympic gymnast incurred over $5,000 in roaming fees while playing Pokémon Go in Rio. Alex discusses her non-bill-paying strategy.
  • — Will You Adopt Me?: Alex isn’t very close to her parents
  • — Love Does Not Exist: Alex doesn’t care about anything and hasn’t cried in 20 years
  • — Throw Some Vodka On This: Alex, who is epileptic, got 7 staples in her head after falling during a drug-induced seizure. Instead of going back to the hospital to get the staples removed, her friend took them out in a bar’s bathroom.
  • — Your Girl Is Dumb: Alex paid her little brother to pass math for her, and she only passed a college science class when she slept with the teacher’s assistant
  • — Waaaaah: Donald Trump kicked a crying baby and its mother out of one of his rallies after saying how much he liked the baby

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