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John Opdycke

President of Open Primaries, an organization devoted to advocating for open and nonpartisan primary systems.
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KATG 2545: Hidden Fences

with John Opdycke and Emily Winter – The Golden Globes; Casey Affleck’s sexual assault allegations; Hidden Fences and its apologists; Meryl Streep’s speech and Trump and MMA’s reactions; fighting for open primaries; women studies; self-harm January 10, 2017

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Show Notes

  • — Politics As Usual: John Opdycke, who was earlier on a live political show with Chemda, and Emily Winter, creator of the Twitter accounts Feminist Bro and Feminist Donald Trump, are in studio
  • — Dot Dot Dot: The gang discusses the Golden Globes, Best Actor winner Casey Affleck’s sexual assault allegations, the night’s multiple ‘Hidden Fences’ slip-ups, Meryl Streep’s inspiring speech, and the response from Donald Trump and the president of an MMA organization.
  • — Open And Shut: John is the President of Open Primaries, an organization that fights closed primary elections. He considers New York’s primary election set-up to be a work of art in terms of not letting people vote.
  • — What A Joke: Along with KATG guest Jenn Welch, Emily is co-producing a comedy festival happening in more than 30 cities across America over Inauguration Weekend
  • — Onward And Upward: Emily took Women’s Studies classes in college, which helped teach her that she’s a person
  • — The Cut-Ups: Emily and Chemda have never cut themselves but they understand the impulse; however, cigarettes and lousy boyfriends probably performed the same function for them.
  • — Just Say No: John has never done cocaine because he associated it with jerky guys like Blane from Pretty in Pink

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