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Bobby Hankinson

Hosts and producer of the LGBTQ showcase Kweendom. Co-creator of web series 'Single Blonde Failure'.
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KATG 2560: He Who Must Not Be Named

with Carly Ann Filbin and Bobby Hankinson – Checking out penises; the origin of ‘snowflake’; Uber makes good re: Muslim ban; Starbucks to give 10,000 refugees jobs; Chuck Schumer vs. Donald Trump; a tax on Mexican products; private bathtub shows; divorce lawyer hypnotizes women for sex January 30, 2017

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Show Notes

  • — Flavor of the Month: Sydnee Washington and Marie Faustin’s new show The Unofficial Expert is now available at
  • — The Bone Collector: Bobby likes to check out dicks in the gym, and Carly doesn’t know what the dicks look like that have been inside her
  • — Liberal Snowflakes: With Fight Club, author Chuck Palahniuk is claiming he coined the term ‘snowflake’ to mean a sensitive sissy
  • — Lyft vs Uber: Reacting to backlash, Uber goes above and beyond to help employees affected by the Muslim ban
  • — How’d You Get That Starbucks Job?: Starbucks has pledged to give 10,000 jobs to refugees
  • — Fake Tears: Chuck Schumer welled up while making a public statement about the immigration ban, and Trump commented saying Schumer’s tears were fake
  • — Guacamole Is Extra: Trump states there will be a 20% import tax on Mexican products, which will negatively affect Americans more than it would affect Mexicans
  • — Broken Bone Bathtub: Siobhan O’Loughlin is performing shows in people’s private bathtubs
  • — Grab Them By The Pussy: Michael W. Fine, a 59-year-old divorce lawyer, is charged with hypnotizing and molesting female clients during their sessions

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