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Shannon Noll

Comedian and co-host of the podcast We Still Love You.
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KATG 2712: Fashion Victim

with Shannon Noll and Andrea Allan – Gender queer; shoplifting; podcast professionalism; sobriety and edibles; Google maps for indoors; Kendall Jenner named Fashion Icon of the Decade; sex in relationships; triple talaq; smarter people curse and walk naked in their homes; Germany’s laws against Nazi symbolism; ghosts September 12, 2017

Show Notes

  • — Not Fuckin’ Around: Shannon Noll, the host of the We Still Like You podcast, is in studio
  • — Is Zee Too Much?: Shannon is gender queer and identifies as “they”
  • — Can Anybody Stop Me?: 30% of the audience has been caught shoplifting
  • — Let’s Have Those Hamster Things!: Keith roasts Chemda for the orchestra of cup noises she makes in the mic while recording
  • — Dead Sober: Shannon kicked their Adderall habit and then their drinking habit shortly after. They weigh in on Keith’s sobriety and his use of edibles to relax at night.
  • — Lost When I Turn A Corner: Google maps is releasing a new add-on where they have maps of the insides of buildings
  • — The Devil Wears Prada: Kendall Jenner was given the Fashion Icon of the Decade award at the Daily Front Row's Fashion Media Awards. Andrea Allan comes on mic as KATG’s resident fashionista.
  • — Bed Death: Recent studies say 14% of Americans have sex a few times a week. The gang talks about sex declining during relationships. Shannon weighs in with their experiences sleeping with both men and women
  • — Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice: Triple talaq, as it is commonly called, is an Islamic practice where a man divorces a woman by saying the word ‘talaq,’ the Arabic word for divorce, 3 times in a row. The country is deliberating over if the practice should stay law.
  • — Smart As Fuck: Studies have shown that smarter people are more likely to swear and walk around their homes naked
  • — For Shits and Giggles: Canadian construction worker Keith Lipiec was fired from his job for flying the Confederate flag at his job site as a joke. Keith reads the specific laws that Germany uses to condemn Nazi symbolism.

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