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Jake Kalish

The author of the KATG-contributed Satan vs Santa.
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KATG 785: Versus

You're not sending a signal that I should start fucking your face? August 13, 2008

Show Notes

  • — Santa vs Satan: Good for the dumps
  • — You're not a qualified recommender, commoner
  • — Scientology wins again!
  • — Book Contracts: Wait, I have to write a book?
  • — Hon Solo vs Indiana Jones
  • — Substitute teaching sucks
  • — Okay, Jew, I'm going go to outside and sell some coke
  • — Every time a hermit dies Jake Kalish gets an apartment, but should he change the sheets?
  • — The Asian Cannibal revealed
  • — Keith is a hero, but he only does it for the pussy
  • — Germans think we are crazy
  • — Knives are good for you
  • — Asians are great dancers, murderers
  • — Anime Eyes
  • — Too fat to execute
  • — Keith has good veins
  • — I want to see cunts all over the place!
  • — Chemda said shit, tee hee
  • — Retard is the new Nigger
  • — Do not go see Tropic Thunder, Tropic Thunder is a terrible movie, did I mention it was called Tropic Thunder?
  • — There's Something About Mary actually not a good movie
  • — Lets all be dummy dunces, wats da big deel, annieweigh ?
  • — Lord in England is selling life on Ebay
  • — U.S. soldiers have to pay extra baggage fees
  • — Rachael Ray is the #1 Chef
  • — Ann Coulter becomes Bill O'Reilly
  • — Rosie O' Donnell is fat and ugly, who knew?
  • — Deluxe Sleep Apnea
  • — Fuck me in the face


Jake KalishJake Kalish

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