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Dave Nadelberg

Storyteller and podcaster; creator of The Mortified Podcast, Mortified Nation, and The Mortified Guide.
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KATG 2878: Mortified w/ Dave Nadelberg

Reading diaries for a living; Anne Frank's famous diary; Dave's parents who died of cancer; famed designer and mother Kate Spade commits suicide; Keith's dead ex-girlfriend; Dave's fellow tenant threatens everyone's lives; how to get help June 7, 2018

Show Notes

  • — The Mortified Guy: Dave Nadelberg, creator of The Mortified Podcast, Mortified Nation, and The Mortified Guide, is in studio to explain how he reads people’s diaries for a living
  • — The Ultimate Diary: In a recent trip to Amsterdam, Dave went to the Anne Frank House. He gives his views on her writing and whether or not her famous diary is 100% authentic.
  • — Family Matters: Both of Dave’s parents died from cancer. Dave discusses interviewing his father and finding his mom's diary that she left out to be read.
  • — Getting Dark: Famed designer and mother Kate Spade committed suicide by hanging herself in her NYC apartment reminiscent of Robin Williams
  • — Sensitives: Keith wrote on an ex-girlfriend’s Facebook wall to wish her Happy Birthday, only to be told that she had died
  • — A Bullet With Your Name On It: One of Dave’s neighbors in his apartment building is threatening to shoot all of the other tenants with a .357 Magnum
  • — Reach Out: The gang discusses the various options to get help with mental illness, suicidal thoughts, and sobriety

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