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Andrew Warner

The Girl's older brother.
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KATG 1560: Mixergy

The Girl is interviewed by entrepreneur site, where she shares the business struggles and successes of Keith and The Girl. March 23, 2012

Show Notes

  • — VIP: Chemda's brother Andrew interviewed her about the business side of KATG for his site
  • — Funnel It In: Keith and Chemda got their initial capital working as party clowns
  • — Little Bits: 2009 was tough for KATG to the point that Chemda asked Keith, 'What if this doesn't work?'
  • — Desperation: The VIP program was put in place because Keith and Chemda couldn't afford to keep doing the show otherwise
  • — Capitalist: It's okay to charge for things online despite the popular perception that the Internet is all free
  • — Go Higher: Chemda worked out the math so VIP subscribers pay roughly 50 cents a day for the show, but Andrew thinks she's undercharging
  • — Trained: KATG got very little negative response from their audience over initiating the VIP program (to Keith's chagrin)
  • — Isn't That The Point: The strategy behind What's My Name is to make unique content that can't be found anywhere else
  • — Excited: Mary Kay has some of the best salespeople because they tell customers they're aiming for a certain number of sales
  • — You Get A Sippy Cup: Making extra money means Keith and Chemda can put more emphasis on entertainment and events
  • — Sibling Rivalry: Andrew appears on Chemda's What's My Name where we get into the more personal lives of both of them


Andrew WarnerAndrew Warner

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