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947: Thug Life

Was she able to fuck the whole collection? April 28, 2009

Show Notes

  • — Goodbye Forever Fatty: Telling offensive jokes in nice suits
  • — Gambling Problem: If I suck then why am I beating you? These soup and crackers are delish, btw
  • — A. Hitler: He painted beautiful pictures... in gypsy blood
  • — Mr. Internet is Late: It's interesting how having muscles makes you use them violently
  • — The Deadliest Peppermint Mocha: She was just so unbalanced I had to be with her
  • — Mr. Internet on TV: You can say whatever the bonk! bonk! you want
  • — You're Arrested: I don't think I need a gun, I just happen to love them
  • — The Exorcism: You're reading the Bible while we do it doggy style
  • — Your Stuff Here: There's a bobble head in your vagina
  • — Recovering Addict: I did meth before it was cool
  • — The Job Killer: There's a pig fucking a women fucking a chicken on you
  • — The Fat-o-sphere: You're supposed to hate your body, you disgusting pig!
  • — You're On Crystal Meth: You ordered a jeep on eBay and took it apart
  • — Your Favorite Fight: I'm going to pick you up and throw you! Many times!
  • — Be Responsible: Now go get your rattle, little baby faggot
  • — Anti-Normal Bias: You have to fuck my jelly rolls, I'm a person too
  • — It Wasn't An Asteroid: Why do we give a fuck about the Dinosaurs?
  • — False Alert: Airplane photo shoot turns into terrorist attack
  • — Drop Dead Fred: The great Russell Brand remakes the cult classic

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