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2599: Eat, Dog, Shit

with Jenn Welch and Chris Daniels – Jen’s deceased father and Tinder; an audience member believes Jenn is a potential murderer; how to get your dogs to not eat shit; Chappelle’s latest specials; the top 10 movies of the weekend March 28, 2017

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Show Notes

  • — Something In Common: Jenn Welch and Chris Daniels, who both have deceased fathers, are in studio
  • — Swipe Right For A Dead Dad: Jen started telling men on Tinder that her dad was dead. Keith reads some of his favorite responses.
  • — Murder Is Hilarious: Jenn was approached by an audience member after a show and explained that Jenn looked like a woman who previously threatened to kill her entire family
  • — Worse Than Shit: Keith found a product that his dogs can eat that makes their shit inedible to other dogs
  • — Is Chappelle Woke?: The gang discusses the newest Chappelle specials and whether or not he was antiquated in some of his views
  • — Top Ten: Keith and the gang discuss the top 10 movies of the weekend

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