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with Kyle Ayers and Andrea Allan – Improper sleep, lying to therapists, and OCD; the marijuana debates; KATG polls May 4, 2017

Show Notes

  • — I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead: Kyle Ayers, who has had about three good nights of sleep this year, is in studio
  • — Having A Breakthrough: The gang talks about lying to therapists, and Kyle admits he hasn’t been using therapy properly
  • — Counting Tiles: Kyle discusses his OCD
  • — Stay Woke: Kyle suffers from night terrors and sometimes can't tell if he is asleep or awake. Hennessy has a similar problem based on his urge to lucid dream.
  • — For Tobacco Use Only: The gang has some heated talk on marijuana, including if smoking weed is linked to being tired or lazy. Chemda insists that she smokes as much as Hennessy, and Andrea Allan joins the debate.
  • — Poll Results: 100% of the listeners understand proper manners and do not take food or drinks home that they brought to a party; 77% of the listeners only set one alarm to wake up; only 1 person voted that they like ‘choking blowjobs’ over otherwise normal blowjobs; 20% of the listeners believe in the spiritual world; and 17% of the listeners get anxiety from these polls

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