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2670: Bottoms Up

with Hennessy – Facebook Live; Bottoms Up transgender reboot; passing as male; putting your foot down; silent retreats; the dinged car update; the Queen is above the law; farting around loved ones; teacher has student write suicide notes July 12, 2017

Show Notes

  • — Does It Emasculate You?: Hennessy, aka BabyButt, aka Land, is in studio
  • — Bottoms Up 2.0: Hennessy is restarting Bottoms Up and explains the new personal direction of the show
  • — Do You Tap Them On The Balls?: Hennessy explains his new experiences passing as male
  • — Coffee And A Blunt: Hennessy talks about his issues prioritizing and how he has to deny Chemda’s coffee making productions in the morning
  • — Be Quiet For 20 Days: Hennessy recounts his experience going to a silent meditation retreat in Maui
  • — People Pleaser: Hennessy talks about his thought process while dealing with the dinged car situation
  • — Blame The Horses: A British citizen called the police to report the Queen not wearing a seatbelt, but the Queen is above the legal system
  • — Doctor’s Note: Keith asks Hennessy about Chemda farting around the household
  • — Sonnets About Suicide: Thomas Tallis School in London has come under fire after instructing teen students to write suicide notes



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