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2731: Kids These Days

with Matt Bachus – Matt didn’t know his roommate’s name and the roommate killed himself; Matt took acid at age 16; mass shooting and a DMV for guns; 26-year-old woman shoots homeless man over her loud car stereo music; high school bullying and depression; male vs. female statutory rape October 10, 2017

Show Notes

  • — New Kid In Town: Matt Bachus, a delightful new KATG guest, is in studio
  • — What’s Your Name Again?: Matt had a roommate who killed himself. Matt never knew his name.
  • — There’s A Door Up There: Matt discusses taking acid at age 16
  • — I Love Pizza, But...: The gang talks about gun regulation and the legal tricks that make mass shootings easier. Why isn’t there a DMV but for people who want to buy guns?
  • — People Are Animals: 26-year-old Katie Quackenbush shot a homeless man twice after he told her to lower her music in her Porsche
  • — No Fear: Matt got bullied in high school and suffered from depression
  • — Horndog High: Teacher Erin Sayer lost a $750,000 lawsuit for giving weed to and having sex with a 16-year-old student. The gang talks about the difference between male and female molesters and male and female victims.


Matt BachusMatt Bachus

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