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827: Soap Hockey (Israel)

You'll say it like it is. What do you think of Israel? October 20, 2008

Show Notes

  • — Andrew and Olivia get engaged on Twitter
  • — The Burden of The Grabber
  • — God works in mysterious ways: DJ AM and Travis Barker survive a plane crash
  • — Chemda's Dad apologizes, kind of, eeeegh
  • — Michael gets all the gossip
  • — Khilili Triggers: Andrew likes to read, what a homo
  • — Jews are rude assholes, but the development is A+
  • — The Khalili Kids make some jokes
  • — Michael is a cover comic
  • — Israel is on the list
  • — Trying not to get Jewed down; The Arab Market
  • — The Wailing Wall: The Worst Jews
  • — Keith puts his ass in kids' faces, it's what he does
  • — Andrew turns his back on The Wall
  • — Ammunition hill: Open for Bar Mitzvahs
  • — Converting the gentiles
  • — Your parents are fake
  • — The Bloody Rag
  • — The Khalili Brothers don't trust Keith; Jokes are just jokes
  • — Michael is a drunk
  • — The Dead Sea is magic: Don't touch your eye
  • — Israel is a video game
  • — iPhone apps destroyed

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