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1663: Eek Eek Eek

Who is this guy? I wanna bite this guy's cheek. October 2, 2012

Show Notes

  • — Five O'Clock Time: Lauren and Keith complain of the abuse they endure from their girlfriends
  • — Self-Inflating: Chemda got a package of fun things for Keith including a bullhorn
  • — Simon Didn't Say: The MTA is listing train delays on its website to further complicate white lies
  • — Outstanding Balance: Citibank is the worst
  • — Right In The Fuckin' Face: Today is National Punch Your Bully In The Face Day. Nick shares his childhood bully vengeance story.
  • — Morally Superior: Listener Curt put together a list of Keith's faults to criticize his stance on Danny Bonaduce
  • — Protestant Or Something: Keith wouldn't give up pork to spare the feelings of his hypothetical pet pig
  • — I Would Never Eat You: A farmer was eaten by his pigs
  • — Open Relationship: An Ohio State study found that coyotes don't cheat on each other
  • — Undecided: The presidential debates are coming up
  • — Fuck 'Em: An ad executive lost business after he gave up drinking
  • — @jessejoyce: Seth MacFarlane is hosting the Oscars after his critically-acclaimed Emmys appearance
  • — On The Cheap: The new MoviePass service allows subscribers to see movies in theaters at non-retarded prices

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