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1672: I'm OKKK, You're OKKK

I didn't think I'd ever be friends with a person who yells at kids. October 18, 2012

Show Notes

  • — Vegans Are Coming: Myq Kaplan and Chemda went on a double date, and Chemda loves Myq's girlfriend
  • — Not Black Power: Micah Sherman and Keith share their history with race relations
  • — Don't Ask Questions: Keith did not join the victims of the Bay Harbor Butcher at the haunted house
  • — Share A Wall: A first-time forums poster is against smoking in shared buildings
  • — Bar Brawl: Mitt Romney's son threatened to punch President Obama
  • — Somebody's Gotta Do It: Cat made a before and after photo of Obama for Calm the Ham
  • — Humongous Liar: Paul Ryan cleaned already-clean dishes at a soup kitchen for a photo op
  • — Runner's High: Chemda gets emotional when she exercises
  • — Unprofessional Employee: Everyone is terrible at phone calls
  • — What The Front Door Doing: Sue Simmons tried to explain away her on-air profanity
  • — Made It: Ashton Kutcher is the highest-paid TV actor at $24,000,000 per year
  • — Strictly Cash: OJ Simpson is selling the knife he used to kill people
  • — Junior: Flavor Flav threatened to attack his fiancee's son with a knife
  • — Responsible: A company claims to offer celebrity sperm for $24,000

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