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1680: Twister

I was just in a stairwell for seven hours. Give me a break. October 30, 2012

Show Notes

  • — Today's show brought to you by MyTreat
  • — It's Alive: Disney bought Lucasfilm for $4,050,000,000
  • — Knight In Shining Hyundai: Lauren got stuck in Manhattan during the hurricane until Chemda came to the rescue
  • — Jersey Is So Fucked: Hurricane Sandy caused 30 deaths and left 7.5 million without power
  • — Am I On Glue: 54% of listeners thought Hurricane Sandy was exciting before there were any consequences
  • — Conduct Unbecoming: Keith saw The Invisible War and is officially anti-rape
  • — Worse Than Rape: Keith is not a fan of the latest Aerosmith album Music From Another Dimension!
  • — Little Fuckin' Democracy: The Aerosmith website was hacked by a band with big dreams
  • — Sing A Song: Lauren is developing an alternative to CliffsNotes. And everybody sings.



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