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1684: Fantasy

You don't make sense. I'm just gonna fuck you however I want to fuck you. November 6, 2012

Show Notes

  • — Slim To None: New Jersey had an earthquake to cleanse its palate following the storm
  • — Found A Good School: A woman flew a newborn butterfly to warmer climates via Southwest Airlines
  • — Such A Lush: Budweiser and Stolichnaya are offended that Denzel Washington drinks their products in Flight
  • — More Like Gas Can't: Myq Kaplan stood in line for gas and had a lovely time. MC Mr. Napkins had a more anti-semitic time.
  • — It's Sleek, It's Nice: MC Mr. Napkins voted against California's condoms in porn law
  • — Typical Republican: It's Election Day. Myq once had a terrible girlfriend who voted for George W. Bush.
  • — Get It In Post: A Pennsylvania voting machine changed votes for Obama to votes for Romney
  • — Farmers: Keith explains the history of Election Day
  • — Take My Wife: A religious New York man lost a leg to a crucifix after attempting to clean it
  • — Should I Drop Beats: MC Mr. Napkins raps about a dating/moving website
  • — Gateway Lie: MC Mr. Napkins has a relationship history and now everybody knows about it. Everybody debates the morality of lying.
  • — Kimono: Myq Kaplan called the wrong person for a 'cum on your face' joke
  • — Not Admitting It: Keith reports on change in sexual statistics
  • — Engayged: Myq and MC Mr. Napkins are looking for the right guy to get gay with
  • — Limp Dick Style: MC Mr. Napkins raps about the advantages of impotence

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