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1727: 5th Annual KATGuh Awards

You fat bald fuck, I wish you were still in the hospital, you dipshit. How long's your marriage gonna last? Probably before it even starts, you cu-u-u-unt. February 15, 2013

Show Notes

  • — Valentine's Day: Keith sent Cat a cute card that got messed up by robots, Chemda and Lauren Hennessy had a romantic time, and Danny Hatch didn't go to White Castle
  • — Hardcore: Danny and Chemda's roommate, Jonnie Flatbush, bonded over The Mountain Goats
  • — One Percenter: Keith notices homeless people looking at him with envy whenever he walks around with a black trash bag
  • — Social Experiment: Mean Danny makes his radio debut and says terrible things to his friends
  • — Gold Medal: A paraplegic Olympian shot and killed his girlfriend, claiming he believed she was an intruder
  • — This Week in Polls: Chivalry still lives, and most listeners wouldn't trade the lives of strangers for a new Batman movie
  • — Upper Echelon: Welcome to The 2012 KATGuh Award Nominations
  • — Best Impression: Keith and Dan Soder as Chicks, Keith as Danny Hatch, Office Worker, James Adomian as Richard Branson, Keith and Lauren Hennessy as Adele and Britney Spears
  • — Best Musical Performance: Tim Dimond, Myq Kaplan and Micah Sherman, Bridget and the Squares, Zach Sherwin, Stuckey & Murray
  • — Most Ridiculous Moment: Chemda's Old-School Movie Reviews, Deandre's Letter, Sexy Mike's New Diet
  • — Most Touching Moment: Meg Rowland, Adamus, Peter and Sarah, Laura Bridget Regan
  • — Keith's Most Absurd Moment: Keith and Siri, Keith on the Titanic, Keith Lifts Peyton Clarkson's Spirits
  • — Most Shocking Moment: John Petrie is Found, Keith vs. The Hospital, JFOD's Umpteenth Manic Episode
  • — Best Spinoff Episode: What's My Name, My Name is Keith, That's the Show with Danny
  • — Best New Guest: The nominees for Best New Guest are up at the forums, and the Worst New Guest category has been discontinued

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