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1728: You're Fat

We need the sincerity that God has placed within your wonderful being. Interested? February 19, 2013

Show Notes

  • — Positivity: Kevin Barnett, who likes life and things like that, is in the studio.
  • — Fatboy Barnett: Kevin thrives on hatred and is fine with you insulting him in almost every way
  • — Fuck School, Cook Crack, Goodnight: Kevin recently had the worst set of his life at a college show, and he loved it
  • — Silver Lining: Chemda wrote an article about her previous bad feelings toward Keith, and Keith proofread it for her
  • — Interested?: ¬†Keith got a letter from his dad, urging him to rejoin the Catholic Church in its time of need
  • — Family Pride: Kevin can't share his success with his mother because she's very much against him pursuing comedy
  • — Church and State: Pope Benedict XVI has a warrant out for his arrest for sheltering pedophiliac priests
  • — The Miracle of Childbirth: Adam Brown is an expecting father and is nervous about the epidural for his wife; Keith will let Cat have an epidural as long as he gets one, too
  • — Wedding Bells: Keith and Cat set the date for their wedding on Father's Day. Keith had a hard time deciding between Brother Love and Adam Brown for the position of Best Man
  • — This Week in News: Keith, Chemda, and Kevin make light of the suffering of the Carnival Cruise ship passengers, the Russian meteor, and paraplegic murderer Oscar Pistorius
  • — Five Down: Country singer and Celebrity Rehab star Mindy McCready killed herself, becoming the 5th Celebrity Rehab alumnus in 2 years to do so
  • — Monster: The ugly Beyonc√© pictures are taking off so much that they've crossed over into other artists, like Rihanna


Kevin BarnettKevin Barnett

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