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1872: Sympathy for the Devil

with Troy Conrad November 6, 2013

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Show Notes

  • — Net Worth: Troy Conrad, creator of the entirely improvised comedy show Set List – Stand-Up Without A Net, is in studio
  • — Bushwhacked: George Bush drops by to talk about the state of America since his tenure as president
  • — Hitler Was Right?: The gang discuss the nature of evil and whether or not 'villains' know that they're doing bad things
  • — What An Out Of Touch Dickhead: Mitt Romney referred to Gov. Chris Christie as Pufferfish, according to leaked documents, which Mitt Romney feels betrayed his trust
  • — Nature Calls: Pooping your pants is the most natural thing in the world, so the argument that homosexuality is unnatural is bunk
  • — Scrambled Eggs: America may not be receiving the best grades on her report card, but the world grades on a curve, so she’s #1
  • — Losing Our Religions: The gang discusses when they decided they were atheists
  • — Just Takin' The Piss: Two teenage girls in Britain won a costume contest by dressing up as the Twin Towers on fire


Troy ConradTroy Conrad

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