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1932: Art $tar

with Lauren Hennessy, Michael Khalili, and Marisela Arias February 27, 2014

Show Notes

  • — Get Well Soon, Everybody: Lauren Hennessy, Michael Khalili, and Marisela Arias, who have been better, are in studio
  • — No Longer A Friend Of Ours: Jonnie ‘Run Your Pockets’ Flatbush vandalized Chemda and Lauren’s home. The gang shares the full story.
  • — Green Card: Keith discusses the process he and his wife went through with the Office of Homeland Security
  • — Ballsy: The gang plays another round of the hit game Lick My, Suck My
  • — What’s My Name Is Keith: There were a lot strong opinions about Calise’s appearance on yesterday’s show, among them the revelation that Keith and Chemda could start a tag-team therapy service; 33% of KATG’s audience has experienced night terrors
  • — Slippery Slope: The gang talks some more about the sexting middle school teacher
  • — Yellow-Toothed Goons: Listeners attack Keith over his statements regarding homophobia being more prevalent in the black community, the overall physical look of Ukrainians, the situation in Kiev, and how much hockey sucks
  • — Soldier Of The Cycle: Marisela and Keith commiserate over some military boot camp horror stories

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