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1938: Chick in Kiev

with Michael Khalili March 10, 2014

Show Notes

  • — Plank Day: KATG’s 30-day planking challenge has begun
  • — The Brolo Went Down To Georgia: Brother Love’s backside was used as a model for Charlie Daniels’ new album of Bob Dylan covers
  • — Water, Water, Every Where: Galina, the KATG app graphic designer, calls in from Ukraine to discuss the revolution there; Keith is watching The Americans to learn more about Eastern Europe’s history of shenanigans
  • — Congratulations, And Fuck Time Warner: Keith is getting rid of cable in his house and Chemda couldn’t be more thrilled about Time Warner losing a customer
  • — It’s Past Letterman’s Bedtime: Keith and Chemda discuss David Letterman and late night TV
  • — Michael Knows Best: Michael Khalili calls in to further discuss the Ukraine situation and Keith’s decision to dump Time Warner
  • — Speaking Of Mental Health: 44% of KATG’s audience has gone to see a psychiatrist; Lindsay Lohan is about to sign a $1 million contract for a memoir based on her rehab diary

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