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Tom Scharpling

Creator and host of The Best Show and writer and executive producer for Monk.
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TTSWD 105: Get On My Show

Wow!!! Welcome back to another free-range, grass-fed edition of That's the Show with Danny! I'm your host! But that's not important. What IS important is that one of my absolute idols, Tom Scharpling, was gracious enough to appear on the show and it was a lot of fun! Tom talks with us about Stephen King, crappy day jobs, Oreo variations, and more! On a serious note - and this is the first and last time these descriptions will ever be serious - Tom was a huge inspiration to me, just like Keith and Chemda, and it was such an awesome, surreal experience to have the 3 broadcasters who shaped me the most as a comedian and as a human on my show and I thank everyone involved for giving me that chance. Now back to the dumb jokes!!! December 4, 2014

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