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Eugene Mirman

Comedian best known for his starring role on Bob's Burgers and his appearances on Flight of the Concords and Delocated.
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Classics 8: Special Education

with Eugene Mirman December 31, 2014

Show Notes

  • — Starstruck: Eugene Mirman of Bob's Burgers is in the studio, much to Chemda's delight
  • — DC In Helsinki: Eugene receives plenty of mean messages over the Internet, as evidenced by the single bad review his book got, written by 'a big fan'
  • — Star Talk: Eugene loves space and laments the imminent shutdown of the NASA program
  • — Resource Room: Eugene was in special education for 6 years because he lip-synched a Bill Cosby routine for a book report and made things up during a reading comprehension test
  • — Highbrow Education: Eugene designed his own comedy major in college and performed a 1-hour stand-up act for his thesis
  • — Car Talk: A woman tried to flee the scene of a crime by hijacking a child's battery-powered toy car, and Chris Brown threatened a parking attendant over having to pay $10 for valet service
  • — Wild Animals: A woman in Zimbabwe started having sex with her boyfriend only to be mauled to death by a lion as the boyfriend hid and watched, and Keith is positive in his belief that Harry Potter had sex with a horse


Eugene MirmanEugene Mirman

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