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Kyle the Intern’s ex-girlfriend. Not bad for a jerk off…
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KATG 1100: Leave It Alone

Can't grab a dick with a backhand. December 18, 2009

Show Notes

  • — Reminiscing: The first KATG Office Party wraps up the end of the year
  • — Turducken Party: What two people are missing from the room right now and where is our copy machine?
  • — Fat Fuck Aversions: You're thinking please God I hope he's going there, I hope he's going to destroy this fat fuck
  • — Best Fight: How about Jesse and everybody or Spooky and everybody...
  • — Best Impression: Not to give too much away but Samantha and Jesse Joyce impersonating himself made it
  • — Today's Shocking Moment: Newsy masturbates on a Peter Pan bus, but stops midway since they might smell his jizz essence
  • — Veeka Cookies: Did Brother Love hit on Kyle's girlfriend? I thought I heard, 'Hey Sugartits' coming from the kitchen
  • — Worst Guest: Poop Culture's Dave Praeger's shit doesn't stink; Mr. Internet tries to bang Chemda in front of Keith
  • — KATGisms: Faceboy says 'bottom mouth,' that's disgusting but it sounds so sweet
  • — Slide It In: Dina, wasn't your favorite moment in the show when Keith texted you nice sexy thoughts?
  • — Best KATGtv: Keith's stand-up was good, but we're all going with 'Chemda in Chell'
  • — Morning! It's Morning!: Is that a cover or a Chemda original?
  • — Newsy's That Guy: I think my roommate situation is going swimmingly, the only thing is I don't pay rent
  • — Best Puke: Every one of our interns has puked in this house
  • — Newsy Is A Pussy: I wouldn't fight the intern because he has muscle under his fat, plus he watches Mixed Martial Arts
  • — Most Awkward Moment: Ryan Hamilton's magical Mormon underwear

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