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Craig Klein

Keith's old roommate and best bud
Craig Klein has been on 73 shows

CHU 152: No Pun

Hot soup! The Chat Pack is back! And a surprise caller who was so funny it hurt my head. You won't wanna miss this one! We talk about gay stuff, tits, camping, TV, poker, drugs, and blackmail. Episodes discussed: 57: voodoolulu 736: KATG Kills 967: Hot Dog Revenge w/ Jeremy 1187: Fuck Yeah; Suck Yeah w/ Jesse Joyce 1393: The Rapture w/ Leah Bonnema 1591: In or Out w/ Chris Iacono and Kyle Thompson 2636: Laughable w/ Steven Spinola 2864: Laurel Vs. Yanny 3544: Teachbot w/ Shalewa Sharpe May 24, 2024
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