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Girl-orgy gladiator and Faceboy's ex-girlfriend.
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I have a right to be tried in three months when I fake a rape! July 5, 2011

Show Notes

  • — The Best Place In The World: Jonathan Rhys-Meyers attempted suicide this week because he doesn’t live in America
  • — Gifts: Faceboy buys Chemda food from her favorite restaurant, and Keith receives wisdom from the great Dalai Lama
  • — Not Guilty: Heidi Jones didn’t get a trial, so now her lawyer is trying to out-lawyer the court systems
  • — Nice Body: Donnie Wahlberg was great in Band of Brothers and very sexy in The Sixth Sense
  • — Comedic Sense: Bad Teacher was good, but Cameron Diaz is a dummy dunce
  • — Take My Side: Justin Timberlake is working for MySpace because they think he created Napster
  • — Getting Away With It: Larry Crowne looks horrendous, but come on, it’s Tom Hanks
  • — Armed Forces Radio: The robot threat is real. HUAR!
  • — Sympathy: Keith’s DVR is broken so he calls Time Warner and gets a yappy salesman
  • — Celebrity Rehab: Amy Fisher actually looks better with all of her plastic surgery, but she’s still nuts
  • — Extreme Couponing: Watch people buy a ton of useless groceries simply because they are addicted to saving money
  • — Regulation Obesity: Kobayashi held a protest against the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, and Joey Chestnut is not pleased
  • — Coney Island: The Mermaid parade will live on forever in our hearts, and probably in real life too
  • — You Gonna Stand There?: Park workers in New York love their power
  • — New York Moments: Keith's towel got stolen in Queens, Lauren and Chemda’s cooler got stolen in Fire Island, and Erin and Faceboy had a New York Moment
  • — Palpable Irony: A guy protesting motorcycle helmet laws died from a crash where a helmet would have saved his life
  • — Cold Case: A kid in Massachusetts was found dead in a public pool after being there for 58 hours
  • — Gacy: Michele Bachmann is associating herself with serial killers in an attempt to win the Presidency
  • — Code of Conduct: A Southwest Airlines pilot leaves his radio on by mistake and slanders homosexuals all over the airwaves
  • — Giving It Up: Daniel Radcliffe is an alcoholic, and making Harry Potter bored him
  • — I Fucked Up: Faceboy has anxiety about what he says on KATG
  • — Decisions: Faceboy and Erin are not exclusive, but, if they move in together, that might have to change
  • — The Smallest: Faceboy thinks he has a small penis, and Ass-To-Mouth is out of the question



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