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Kristine Levine

Comedian best known for appearing on Portlandia and for her Edinburgh Fringe show, Fat Whore
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KATG 2258: Live in Portland 2015

The Keith and The Girl 10-Year Anniversary Tour continues. Corin Tucker, Lance Bangs, and Kristine Levine join the KATG gang at Curious Comedy Theater in Portland, OR. October 13, 2015

Show Notes

  • — Welcome To Portland: Live from Portland, OR's Curious Comedy Theater, Keith and Chemda kick off the second show of the #KATGTour with a complaint about the mediocre donuts they waited 45 minutes in line for
  • — Going Green: In its first week of legal recreational weed, Oregon sold $45,000,000 worth of product
  • — Power Couple: Filmmaker Lance Bangs and Sleater-Kinney's Corin Tucker join the show
  • — A Quick Nut Shot: Lance talks about the hazards of working with a bunch of nut-punchers on Jackass
  • — You're Friends Again: Corin talks about Sleater-Kinney's return to music after a 10-year hiatus and her earlier breakup with bandmate Carrie Brownstein
  • — Someday Rolling Stone Will Out Us: Lauren Hennessy joins the show to discuss the parallels between his public outing in The National Enquirer and Corin's outing in Spin Magazine
  • — Do You Guys Do This Shit Sober?: Kristine Levine joins the show to discuss her drinking and performing habits
  • — Mother Of The Year: Kristine tries to name all of her kids
  • — He Recognized My Titties: Ray DeVito, who is certainly not sober, joins the show to talk about how much fun he's having and how he and Kristine used to know each other
  • — They Gave Me Literature To Study: Ray accidentally went into a homeless shelter to get a coffee. They believed he was homeless.
  • — We Told Ray That It's Weird To Say Shit Like That: At the arcade the gang visited before the show, Ray was rubbed up against by the young child of the woman at the next arcade game
  • — Negative Newsy: Newsy joins the show to talk about how Ray has already started to drive him crazy
  • — I'm Gonna Push You Into Traffic: Danny Hatch joins the show to confirm Newsy's frustrations
  • — Potland: Danny went to one of Portland's brand new recreational dispensaries. Kristine didn't smoke until it finally became legal.
  • — Vote Or Die: Danny and Ray engage in a joke-off

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