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Steve Schirripa

Actor and writer best known for portraying Bobby Bacala on The Sopranos and for his line of pasta sauces.
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KATG 2326: A Goomba's Guide to Life

with Steve Schirripa – The Sopranos’ Bobby Bacala; Steve the teacher and Steve the bouncer; how to tip; Uncle Steve’s Italian Specialties; Steve’s 26-year marriage and strip clubs; raising daughters; KATG poll results; Donald Trump vs. Jeb Bush; James Gandolfini February 18, 2016

Show Notes

  • — You Know Steve: Steve Schirripa, best known as The Sopranos’ Bobby Bacala, is in studio
  • — I Hated The Brats: Steve graduated Brooklyn College with a degree in teaching but he discovered teaching wasn’t his calling, so he moved to Las Vegas to become a bouncer
  • — Yada Yada Yada: Steve, who made a killing from maître d' tips back in the day, explains the fine art of palm-greasing and how almost anyone (including priests and his own mother) can be bribed
  • — Uncle Steve’s Italian Specialties: Steve, who is not vegan, has his own line of organic vegan pasta sauce
  • — Love And Marriage: Steve discusses his 26-year marriage and why he doesn’t understand people who waste money at strip clubs rather than going to hookers or porn sites
  • — Killed Off: Steve talks about working on The Sopranos and not knowing whether or not his character would live to see another paycheck
  • — Big Daddy’s Rules: Steve shares some of the trials and tribulations of raising daughters
  • — Steve Schirripolled: Much like Donald Trump, 10% of KATG’s audience enjoys their steak well-done (Steve is a medium-well man); 39% would allow someone to piss on them for free (it’s not really Steve’s thing); and 26% watch incest porn (Steve, who used to book porn stars in Las Vegas, doesn’t know if he would or did masturbate to it)
  • — The Best Of The Worst: Steve discusses local and national politics. Jeb Bush, whose website now redirects to Donald Trump’s, tweeted a picture of a gun with the caption ‘America.'
  • — Soprano Home Movies: Steve discusses working and getting into a fake fight with his friend, the late James Gandolfini

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