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KATG 3138: Man on the Moon - Part 1 w/ Rojo Perez, Tone Bell, Paul Hooper, Mike Cannon, Kyle Ocasio, Shuli Egar, Matt Bachus, Christian Finnegan, Mike Coscarelli, Shelton Lindsay, Robin Virginie, Graham Elwood, Ron Placone, and Periel Aschenbrand

In Part 1 of a collection of KATG clips covering the ultimate Cat-fishing, 14 entertainers join Keith and Chemda as the hosts uncover the seedy side of secrets through the endless reveals of jaw-dropping family emails August 22, 2019

Show Notes

  • — Rojo Perez and Tone Bell: Immediately following Keith’s birthday, his dad – an ex-priest, magician, singer, and insurance salesman – writes Keith’s ex-wife behind his back.
  • — Paul Hooper: Keith explains his divorce after an 8-year relationship and the creation of the fake email account that will represent his ex-wife.
  • — Mike Cannon: Keith begins writing his dad as his ex, Cathryn. Fake Cat asks if Keith’s dad can keep a secret. Dad replies, “I can keep secrets very well.” Cat would like to win Keith back from Kyle, Keith’s new girlfriend. Dad writes that it’s very possible, and he explains to Cathryn how beautiful she is. Dad then asks about Cat living with a female. The seeds to Cat hitting on Dad are planted as Dad continues writing behind Keith’s mom’s back.
  • — Kyle Ocasio: Keith’s girlfriend, a mother of 3, gives her email thoughts. Fake Cat explains that she’ll leave her own girlfriend, come back to NYC, and try to win Keith back. Dad explains how this is a good idea and how hopefully Keith will stop his podcast. Father Malley explains Jesus Christ, and he alludes to being forcefully sexually attacked by 4 gay men on 4 separate occasions. Dad then takes a hard turn to discuss the whore-like nature of Cat’s email address.
  • — Shuli Egar: The audience gives Keith email suggestions. Keith discusses his childhood: digging holes as punishment, morning rituals and creepy touches, school spying, fake cigarettes, and the Rules of the House.
  • — Matt Bachus: Dad warns Cat that she better hurry up and ruin Keith’s relationship between Keith and Kyle if she wants to stand a chance. The audience votes on the next email to Keith’s dad.
  • — Christian Finnegan and Kyle Ocasio: Keith’s mom wishes Kyle a happy Mother’s Day. The gang discusses the emails and potential Father’s Day revelations.
  • — Mike Coscarelli: Cathryn asks Keith’s father about his biggest regret and biggest secret. The big clit deal of this is that Keith feels he cock has to up the ante even more, but this leads to Dad explaining the privilege he had turning bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ Jesus and the joys of sending people to Heaven. His wonders to perform.
  • — Shelton Lindsay and Robin Virginie: As Father’s Day approaches, Dad coldly tells Keith that his cousin Ricky died, which leads to Keith discussing his frustration of family secrets. Keith reminisces on trying to comprehend a God, and Chemda explains the secret to magic. Dad introduces the song Cat’s in the Cradle to the conversation.
  • — Graham Elwood and Ron Placone: Fake Cat, fed-up, demands Dad explain the details of his 6-year crisis of faith. Dad reminisces on Keith’s wedding day, and he explains Free Will to Cat. Keith allows Chemda to take over the next email.
  • — Periel Aschenbrand: Chemda writes Dad under the guise of being Cat. Cat lets Dad know her overwhelming feelings of emotion and lust. Dad writes back a message that concludes with, “You do make an old man’s libido jingle.”

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