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KATG 3500: 2022 24-Hour Marathon: The Last Duel w/ Gilbert Gottfried, J.P. McDade, Casey Balsham, Rod and Karen Morrow, JC Best, Josh Accardo, and Colin O’Brien

Gilbert Gottfried is joined by J.P. McDade and Casey Balsham to discuss Gilbert’s pandemic life, (not) remembering special occasions, and running into fans. KATG then talks to Rod and Karen Morrow, JC Best, and Josh Accardo to help understand Metaverse rape, The Last Duel, and the beauty of the world. Colin O’Brien of jumps in, and we follow the latest with our favorite soul looking for love. February 9, 2022

Show Notes

  • — Gilbert Gottfried’s pandemic life
  • — Metaverse rape and The Last Duel
  • — This beautiful world
  • — Colin O’Brien’s love life after

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