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Jeremy West

Bitcoin millionaire and KATG fan and friend.
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KATG 2798: Crypto

with Jeremy West – Bitcoin millionaires and the science behind comedy; ADHD, raising children, polyamory, and finishing in strip clubs; Is DMX in jail?; IKEA founder dead at 91; SCOTTeVEST founder advertises to Fox News viewers because they’re ‘gullible fucking idiots’ January 31, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Dash Is The New Bitcoin Presents: Jeremy West, the sponsor of the KATGathon, is in studio
  • — Real Monies: Jeremy explains how he made his fortune in Bitcoin and his views on the future of cryptocurrencies
  • — The Humor Code: Jeremy is studying psychology, and he explains his interest in the science behind stand-up comedy
  • — No Filter: Jeremy was recently diagnosed with ADHD, and the gang dissects his social interactions
  • — Thanks, Keith: Jeremy went to a strip club in New York and finished in his pants Malley-style
  • — Girlfriend For A Week: Jeremy is polyamorous and explains his dating strategy
  • — Married To Multiple Esters: Jeremy and his ex-wife share custody of his children and live in the same home
  • — There is a website solely dedicated to tracking whether or not DMX is in jail, which he is
  • — Buried In The Best Casket: Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of the IKEA empire, has died aged 91
  • — Make America Dumb Again: The founder of the company SCOTTeVEST was caught on tape saying that his company markets to Fox News viewers because they are ‘gullible fucking idiots”


Jeremy WestJeremy West

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