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Originally Posted by Annie View Post
There's no "we" in Keith and the Girl. I believe that was stated in the "Max is a douche" show.
Hey, which show was that? The site was blocked where I worked at the time, so I missed it... I'd love to go back and give it a listen.
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Originally Posted by shoogbear63 View Post
Hey, which show was that? The site was blocked where I worked at the time, so I missed it... I'd love to go back and give it a listen.
409, 412 or 413
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Originally Posted by McNally View Post

I get along fine with a lot of the mega posters around here, but that doesn't change the fact that if anybody posts thousands of times on any message board, something went wrong. I know it, you know it. Don't shoot the messenger, baby.

AND WHY I CALLED YOU A MORON IS BECAUSE YOU REPLIED IN A WAY THAT DIDN'T RELATE AT ALL TO ANYTHING ANYONE YOU QUOTED SAID! Some dopey megaposter made a weird jab at Jeremy for no apparent reason, referring to him in what I would consider a dismissive manner. I like that fella, even if he has thousands of posts, so I pointed it out, and you made some smart alecky remark which had an unrelated premise! THINK BEFORE YOU POST 4000 TIMES! ARGHGHG!

And Juline, seriously, how can you talk about "lovestruck fans" when you've spent most of your adult life on this fucking message board? That's like the pot calling the kettle black and the kettle saying, "Fuck you, pot, you fucking retard. Think about this for two seconds."

THIS IS SO FUCKING STUPID. WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING? WHY CAN'T I LET GO OF THE SHIFT KEY!? I think I edited this 10 times. I'm turning into one of you. God dammit, I really do need to get laid. I won't deny it.
Stop hating on the big posters, McNally.

You might have a few more posts if you weren't such a dumbass, using a laptop on the street at 2 a.m.
Jesus, I don't know about the beer-spray, but I'd have been tempted to steal your shit if I walked past you in a bus shelter at that time. Although it's still one of my favourite thread titles on here.
My favourite is Mikey's classic "Who here wants to see a man die getting fucked by a horse?"

Anyway, shut the fuck up.
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Originally Posted by jwdd27 View Post
Anyway, shut the fuck up.
You know what, jwdd27? YOU KNOW WHAT? Fair enough.
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I liked Soccergirl and Ryan? when they were on the show. Hopefully the fire on this bridge can be put out and rebuilt with some Popsicle sticks and glue over time.

Bad situation all around.
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Originally Posted by Hugh View Post
That's the second bullshit thing I have read about video in this thread. Making a copy of digital video makes a perfect copy, presuming the tapes don't have faults in them and you don't reencode it. Digital video is all 1's and 0's, and the copy should be an exact recreation of the original.

Taking the video off the tape takes the same amount of time as the footage that is on it, ie real time. Once it is on your computer, that is it, you can send away the tape, you don't need it anymore. If you want to convert it to DivX or XVid or whatever, you encode from the video that is on your harddrive, not the tape.

So there is no reason why Soccergirl is keeping the tape. I mean, if she is truly out of hard drive space she must be BROKE. Hard drives are SO cheap now it is ridicules. That is just bad management of resources.

The real issue here is how seriously Soccergirl vs. KATG takes this shit. For Soccergirl, obviously it is just a hobby or else none of this would have went down. For KATG, it is a full time job. Herein lies the difference. What KATG need to realise that if they are going to be professional themselves, they will have to work with professional people, and can't rely on just random people recording their shit. Sure it sucks, but this is the difference between a commercial venture and a whatever I'm just having fun chill the fuck out podcast.

I guess we are getting closer to the real issue. I find it perplexing that a girl who will flash her jugs at will, has a hard time giving up a tape. What's the big deal?
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I've got all these theories about what crazy, sexy shit ended up on that tape, but it's probably just a bunch of costume wearing nerds. FUCKING EACH OTHER.
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I hate burning bridges but since I barely made 10 podcast episodes, and since I've never been able to listen to more than maybe ONE entire SG episode, well what the fuck.....

There is one other possibility that occurs to me, which explains why SG is being so catty about this. Maybe she just got confused and erased all or part of the KATG stuff she filmed? Otherwise her attitude seems to be way too defensive. It's either that or she's been hiding her secret asshole identity all this time.


just my .02
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Doesn't Soccer Girl have a full time job in addition to the whole podcasting thing? That may explain why you cannot understand why she may not have the time to transfer the tape. People with jobs don't have as much free time as people without jobs.
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